About Stretch

All of our customers will drive great businesses where resources are utilized for true business value. We stretch their processes with awesome technology.

Stretch is an innovative consultancy company working closely with our customers. Together we spend our days finding new ways to simplify processes and “stretching” businesses with awesome technology. This is a winning approach that lets us maximize the resources available to our customers’ core business – where the true business value is found.

Today’s competitive market has put focus on one of our most important core values: To be able to show consideration and care for our customers, colleagues, and co-workers, which is a core concern for us. However, the challenge in our daily lives is to retain our attention for people, while also attaining the financial results that we and our customers want to achieve. Stretch consultants embrace a genuine and authentic approach to customer relations. This has led us to be a recognized player in the market.

Curiosity is for us about continuously moving forward and breaking new ground, beyond obstacles that will arise along the way. As such, a close dialogue is essential to us at Stretch, one in which we listen to our customers and then provide expert advice.

Our cutting-edge expertise and market-leading business systems help to maintain our customers’ confidence in us; we take pride in the fact that many of our customers themselves are market leaders within their field. In addition to our full commitment, we also make it a point to recognize our customers’ unique corporate cultures.

Stretch offers expertise in a range of fields, including process support, business intelligence, architecture, integration, security and usability through streamlined and efficient systems.

Stretch was founded in 2002. Today the group has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Copenhagen, and Oslo, with approximately 170 employees. We have experienced continuous growth and profitability from the very start, a trend we will continue to develop.

With the help of perceptive consultants with cutting-edge expertise in their fields and a great capacity with everyday commitments, Stretch has emerged as a high-profile team player in the Scandinavian consultancy market.