Anca Zatreanu, stolt medarbetare på Stretch Procurement


Anca Zatreanu, Digital Transformation Consultant and Project Manager



Tell us briefly about your latest assignment

I am currently acting as a Project Manager implementing the Ivalua S2C solution to a leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools, and supplies. Stretch is helping this organization reach their goals for this digital transformation journey with a team of consultants. My role as a Project Manager is mainly to act as a connector between the client and the team, making sure that project timelines are met, as well as keeping the customer happy. The project team I am leading consist of both Ivalua and Stretch resources, spreading across multiple geographies, making this project even more challenging.

Partnering up with Ivalua for this implementation has proven to be an exceptional opportunity to grow together, tie the collaboration even tighter and take the process design to a new level, with more best practices embedded and efficiency driving to an optimal procurement transformation.

Can you tell us about a funny part of being a consultant?

I think that there are a lot of funny situations that you are placed in as a consultant. And you get to learn how to handle them. One example is from a former client of mine, where I had to record some trainings for them. I was living in London for quite a while, but I still had a different accent, so, of course, when sharing to the recording, I got a lot of questions like ‘Where are you from’. Some people actually believed that I was from Sweden, so that was nice. 😊 Another thing is my name Anca, since it means duck in Swedish, it often brings up funny discussions.

Why do our customers choose Stretch Procurement as partner?

I believe that we are their partner of choice due to the fact that we are technology agnostic, able to upskill and certify consultants for the selected technology. We also contribute with great business knowledge and understanding which puts up on a leading position on the market.

We have proven ourselves to handle projects and people with openness, transparency, and professionalism. Through this corporate and personal mindset, we have gained trust and respect which makes us tick all the boxes.

From my personal experience in other projects, being able to take over a challenging assignment with full ownership and managing it towards a successful implementation is also a reason why customers return to Stretch Procurement with new projects every time.

Name three characteristics on your team at Stretch

First things that comes into my mind are professionalism and knowledge. I think that this is what puts us on the map, both in the face of the customers and partners, as well as in front of potential colleagues. We have so much to offer as a team, with a very complex experience in so many domains.

I would also say togetherness and what I mean by that is mainly the ‘family’ feeling that we have here, at Stretch. We sometimes have individual projects, but we always take the time to ask for advice, if needed, or simply share the knowledge with others.

The third one is balance. There is a harmony between work and outside-of-work activities, irrespective if those are with the procurement team or with your own family and friends. There are and always will be stressful periods and work, but there is also encouragement to get you over them.

What makes you happy at Stretch?

A lot of things. To be honest, I have dreamed of this role for a while before I was given the opportunity to be part of this team. I have always believed that the things I do at work matter a lot to me. Being able to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, knowing that I will start a new day, where I can meet new people, learn new things, challenge myself and leverage my knowledge in the best way possible means a lot to me. Stretch provides exactly that.

On top of that, there are no boundaries, neither hierarchical, nor organizational. If someone has an idea; the team will be more than happy to hear it.

I think it is also in the team’s DNA to strive to get better, as a company but also as individuals within the company. This is what I like. My development plans and ideas are recognized and supported so I can constantly improve myself and get to where I want to be.

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