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Effective learning solutions

The global economy and technological development are changing work conditions with an increasing speed. To be competitive is therefore very much a question of the ability to adapt to new ways of working and new ways of delivering value to customers.

This increases the requirements of the workforces- both in terms of having the required knowledge, values and competencies and in terms of the ability to adapt when requirements are changing. This is the capability to learn.

A traditional approach to building workforce capabilities is setting up classroom courses. But studies show that in reality the outcome of classroom courses is much smaller than hoped for. Retention rate of acquired competencies after classroom courses is very low and after only 3 weeks people tend to remember less than 25 % of what they learned! One reason for this is that people simply forget what they learned, if they do not work with it. And it is often difficult to organize classroom courses just before employees need to work with the content.

In addition, what you learn in a classroom setting can be difficult to put into practice. You might say that classroom courses often give a high-level understanding and enable students to learn more. And once classroom courses are conducted, the student usually needs to start learning how to use the new knowledge in their daily work.

Not surprisingly, analysis of enterprise learning shows that; 10 % of learning comes from traditional courses, 20 % of learning comes from observing or working with mentors, while 70 % of learning comes from actual work experiences.

Effect of enterprise learning

We at Stretch always recommend supplementing or replacing classroom courses with learning solutions that support the 70 % work based learning. We suggest building flexible learning solutions with, for example, eLearning and video based IT-instructions. This will make the support available at the precise moment the employee needs to work with new IT functionality or perform a task according to new work processes.


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