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Transform and Digitize your business processes now!

SAP Brukerforening Norge (SBN) 2016: Transform and Digitize your business processes now!

The SBN conference is a well-known SAP conference in the Norwegian Market. It is mostly used to build network amongst SAP customers and share the best of breed of SAP solutions. It is also very useful to get feedback from other organizations on their experiences with SAP and to share first hand experiences with each other. This year there was a record in participants (close to 500!) in Lillestrøm.

Stretch was presenting in two different sessions, with focus on Procurement Digitalization, in which we joined forces in the first session with the SAP Ariba Sales team and for the second session with Circle K who has implemented the Ariba suite.

Our first session on Wednesday was about what it means to use the Ariba Sourcing solution in the cloud for an organization. Moreover, what needs to be taken into account both from a business as well as from an IT perspective. The benefits for using Ariba Sourcing range from having one auditable source system in which all sourcing initiatives are conducted to having the maintenance and upgrades being taken care of by software’s manufacturer.

SBN conference

In our second session on Thursday, we joined forces with Circle K to share our experiences on a full end-to-end implementation project. Topics such as why Circle K choose Ariba as their platform and how they can benefit from implementing full suite from Sourcing to Invoicing was discussed. Valuable lessons learned and key takeaways was shared with the audience, where the project also explained the importance of handling the project from both a Finance- and Procurement side.

Source2Contract went relatively easy whereas the Purchase2Pay was a bit more challenging given the broader base of the end users.
P2P was handled by teaming up with upper management and Finance to give an equal focus on four attention areas: ‘Process and Solution’, ‘Project and implementation’, ‘Change Management’ and ‘Motivation and Governance’. This to ensure a smooth implementation where the organization can utilize the solution’s full potential in a faster way.

We are thankful for having participated in this year’s conference and we are looking forward to next year’s event!

Check out our blog for more information regarding procurement and SAP Ariba.

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