Supply Chain Planning in a New Era

Supply chains operate in constant flux, and seeking perfection is futile. Organisations must become more agile and be equipped with the structures, processes and tools to predict, react and absorb imperfections.

Transform your value chain into a competitive edge. Enhance your supply chain now.

  • Collaborate
  • Share information
  • Be transparent
  • Create network

We need to understand that optimizing nor your team, nor the department or the production line will be the optimal solution in creating value and happy employees. You need to optimize the value chain End-2-End.

You are never going to be able to get rid of volatility in your life, your business or your supply chain, but you can limit the impact.

Stretch processes, systems and tools enables your supply chain making and managing unified plans across multiple time horizons, business processes and organisational boundaries at the same time.

If anything happens in your Supply Chain, everyone instantly understands the impact on themselves, their team and the organisation as a whole.

It is true that digitalization has brought some much needed disruptions to the supply chain recently, and it is also fair to say that value chain collaboration combined with a greater real-time  decision-making has woken leaders up to the prospect that of what lies ahead.

A new era of supply chain is waiting in the wings.

Digitalize your Value Chain

Creating a Digital Supply Chain Twin and having a transparent E2E planning tool will enhance your organisations capabilities dramatically. By documenting and creating your activities digitally you will have full flexibility in creating any what-if scenarios you might need to manage disruptions within you value chain.

Stretch Procurement has partnered with the Gartner leader Kinaxis, together we deliver the Planning One Package to your company. It will include DRP, MPS and MRP, together with inventory control, S&OP and financial planning. Creating visibility by using scorecards and the possibility to collaborate inside the system with your colleagues, no more endless emailing of obsolete Excel-files. All done in an instance.

We see this as a digitalization journey, starting off with replacing the basic functions and at the end you might end up using both ML and AI easing of your daily work, focus on being proactive and value adding to your organization.

Your company will be able to grow with the system, from the smallest to the largest you will all have the same fundamentals/basics.

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