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I am “making a poodle”

A few days ago, I challenged Mr Timo Elliott in this blog. It was after having attended the SAP Innovation Forum that I thought that the perspective of the agenda was slightly wrong. Instead of putting focus on how customers should improve their capability of being innovative, we more discussed how innovative the new software solutions were.

However, I made some mistakes. Mistakes that Mr Elliott informed me about. First of all, he could not reply to the blog directly. A technical constraint that will be resolved quite soon. Instead, he replied to me in an email.

And considering his answer, I must say that I was wrong. At least concerning the content of the key note by Mr Elliott. He was very focused on customer innovations and not on software innovation. This was emphasized with nearly a dozen examples that taught me and my fellow audience a lot about general conditions for innovation.

So in return, I must now teach you, Mr Timo Elliott, a Swedish expression that we use when we realize that we are wrong and are changing our mind. This is called “to make a poodle”. So even though this blog episode started off a bit cumbersome for you Mr Elliott, I now hope that you got something out of it anyway.

And if there is someone to be challenged, it is those with a preconceived opinion that a technology evangelist will only talk about technology, and thus, does not understand that he is actually saying something else…

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