We care!

We are the large small consultant that delivers with personality and creates business value. We promise to care. We are curious about you, your business and the global market. We are driven by achieving results.

This is our promise to our customers as well as our employees. It is a fantastic feeling to care about your colleagues and we do this through a number of different initiatives.

Today, Friday March 27th Stretch Denmark is having a CPR and First Aid seminar. They will all be certified today in these life-saving skills following on from  several of our companies, for example Stretch Stockholm. These skills are not just good for everyone to know, they also fall within the core values of Stretch, that being able to show consideration and care for our colleagues and our customers. It’s an awesome way of showing that we are a fantastic company that prioritises health and well-being – you never know when you’ll need to help a colleague!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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